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Premises identification (PID) is one of the three pillars of traceability which links livestock and poultry to geographical locations, along with livestock identification and animal movement. The PID Program was established to plan for, control and prevent the spread of livestock diseases. It can also be used as an early warning system to notify producers of natural disasters such as a flood or fire that could affect their animals or operations.

If you own livestock, poultry or other animals as defined in Saskatchewan’s Premises Identification Regulations, and the animal is in your care and control, you need to obtain at least one PID number associated with a premises you own, rent or lease. If you are the operator of a commingling site (veterinary clinic, community pasture, abattoir), you are required to obtain a PID number.

New or existing PID numbers should be shared with livestock traceability administrators’ databases, such as Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) and Pig Trace Canada.

For further information regarding the PID Program please see our FAQ document or contact the Agricultural Knowledge Center at 1-866-457-2377.

Online Application            

By registering your account online you will have direct access to your information and the ability to immediately make any changes to it. Registration is easy; simply follow the prompts.

Please collect the following information before you begin:

  • Legal Business Name of your business enterprise (if applicable);
  • Location details of your premises (legal land description or street address); and
  • Contact information for the person (people) who should be contacted in the event of an animal health emergency.

Applying for a PID number is easy and quick. The process requires completion of the following five steps.

Outline of registration sign-up steps

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