Welcome to the Premises Identification (PID) Program

Background - Premises Identification Program            

Premises Identification (PID) is one of the three pillars of traceability and links livestock and poultry to land locations or premises. PID was established to plan for, control, and prevent, the spread of animal diseases. It can also be used as an early warning system to notify producers of a natural disaster such as a flood or fire which could affect animals under their care.

If you own, rent or for any other reason have control of a premises where livestock or poultry are grown, kept, assembled, slaughtered or disposed, you should obtain a PID number for that location. Participation in Saskatchewan’s PID Program is voluntary; however, it will only work if you join.

PID links livestock and poultry to identifiable geographic locations for planning and managing during emergencies. The national traceability system is expected to encompass all livestock and poultry species produced in Canada. It is recommended that producers with other livestock species also apply for a PID number and be entered into the Saskatchewan PID Program.

A PID number is a unique alpha-numeric identifier assigned to a parcel of land where livestock or poultry is grown, kept, assembled, slaughtered or disposed.

The other two pillars of traceability are animal identification and movement reporting. Together with PID, these three pillars enable veterinarians and others to track where animals have been located and to identify other animals with which they have been in contact.

Online Application            

By registering your account online you will have direct access to your information and the ability to immediately make any changes to it. Registration is easy; simply follow the prompts.

To make it easier to fill out this application you should collect the following information before you begin:

  • Legal Business Name of your business enterprise (if applicable);
  • Location details of your premises (legal land description or street address); and
  • Contact information for the person (people) who should be contacted in the event of an animal health emergency.

Applying for a PID number is easy and quick. The process requires completion of the following five steps.

Outline of registration sign-up steps

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